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RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS?  WE DO THAT!  We are looking to expand the Kin through member ship drives.  Anyone wishing to help grow the Kin, ask Royori in-game for assistance.

CRAFTING?  WE DO THAT!  Ask Roywyn in-game.  Roywyn has many, many recipes that can be traded for and she also has a list of who can craft at what levels for critical success.  We will not make any item for a Kin member unless we can get critical success.

QUESTING?  WE DO THAT!  As a Kin, we run questing parties Saturday nights a periodically through out the week.  Let the Officers know where you need to run and which 3 or 7 man fellowship quests that need to be completed and they will help you get them completed.  See Stoutash for more information.

SPECIAL EVENTS, WE DO THAT!  Send Lenamay in-game mail if you have an idea for a special event.  Trivia contests, horse races, hide and seek, anything to add to the fun of the day will be accepted.


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